Green IT is a short and interactive Serious Game, developed as part of the Is It Green
Its purpose is to help improve the capability of IT experts and managers of SMEs across
Europe.Encouraging preliminary energy assessments of IT and IS (information systems)
Empowering lower energy consumption; enhancing opportunities to save resources and 
encouraging eco-friendly behaviour.
Dispatched by the government to bring local companies into new eco-friendly 
regulations, the protagonist is a self-assured individual (a trait that often backfires).
He grapples with the realities of being an energy assessor, often dealing with the most 
tragically incompetent or eccentric cases since getting on the wrong side of his boss. 
He will have to produce some brilliant results or risks being fired!
Humorous encounters with quirky characters.The player will need to search for items of 
energy inefficiency in these IT environments, all while being entertained by the
protagonist’s remarks and interactions with other characters. 
He will have to use the knowledge obtained to reason through a logic-based
assessment; players complete tasks to progress. Tasks require selecting the right item
or using a combination of items to solve more complex problems. However,
the process becomes even more involving as environments differ depending on the
timing of the visit and equipment being used. This gives greater depth and layers 
of interaction with each setting.